Visualizing bit level operations

Gilbert Francois Duivesteijn

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The tutorial Lesson 5 - Bit level operations, Self modifying code of ChibiAkumas shows well the bit operations on the screen. This is shown on an Amstrad CPC and there, the video memory is directly accessible. To do the same on an MSX, we need to do a bit more steps:

Below is a small example of this (as BIN file).

Step 1: Type in the source code on a PC or Mac:


Step 2: Compile with VASM

or with Glass (you can choose)


Step 3: run with openMSX. Set the floppy drive to the build directory and in MSX Basic type:


Step 4: Run your program. In basic, type:

Bit level operations

Congrats, you have a template for your ChibiAkumas tutorial. Change the code between the ==== lines and ... happy learning!