Champ: Assembler -> Basic -> Assembler roundtrip

Gilbert François Duivesteijn

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This page shows how you can develop assembly code in Champ, use and test your program in Basic, and go back to Champ for further development. In this example, I loosly follow ChibiAkumas' tutorial Learn Z80 Assembly Lesson 3. Please check out his lesson to learn what the code is doing. We will make a small program in assembly that performs a naive add or subtract operation on single byte integers. We will make:

Please follow the steps below:

Use insert and edit to type in the example program. To learn about the key bindings, please refer to this page.
In assemble mode, type a 2 to compile. Change cassettes to and save the listing as text to cassette with s -> filename.
Go to debug mode by pressing m, view the disassembled code in memory with Q saddr. If you want, you can store your finished binary to cassette with: W saddr faddr filename.
Go back to assemble mode by pressing a. Go back to basic with q y and type in the listing above.
If all is well, type run and see if your program works.
You can go back to the Assembler by accessing the memory address &H8400 and edit/update your asm program.