Hello World: compile, run and debug on openMSX

Gilbert Francois Duivesteijn

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The picture above shows the final result on a real MSX, running from cartridge. Follow the steps below and you have it running yourself in minutes.


Step 1: Watch the tutorial from ChibiAkumas to know what the code is doing:

Lesson H3 - Hello World on the MSX by ChibiAkumas


Step 2: Type in the code below and save to a file named helloworld.asm. Link to GitHub


Step 3: Compile

with VASM

or with Glass (you can choose)


Step 4: run with openMSX


Step 5: connect with openMSX Debugger



Step 6: Flash a cartridge, the MegaFlashROM and run your program on a MSX like a pro: